Our hypoallergenic 100% vegan formula is made in the USA and uses TDS, which is safer and gentler on your skin compared to PPD, a more aggressive ingredient used in many other dyes.


    No mixing. No dripping. No mess. Super easy to use whether you're a beginner or a pro.


    One can gives you as many uses as up to 4 boxes of drug-store brand dyes, in other words, it can be as low as $3 per use. And, it's 100% recyclable when you're done.


    You can use and reuse one can for your hair, beard, and touch-ups. No need for separate products.


We have over 8,500 5-star reviews.

  • "It’s a breath of fresh air to see such a great product! My results turned out AWESOME! It looks very natural compared to other products and the brush is such an improvement."

    Weston Boucher

  • "After using another product for YEARS, I like Simpler Hair Color INFINITELY better! I LOVE it! SIMPLER Hair Color is the perfect name because it is SIMPLER!"

    C.T. Fletcher

  • "Easy to use, it freaking WORKS, and it has MULTIPLE uses! Amen! Without a doubt this company has created what men like - no complication with results! Thank you for taking the time to make a great product."

    Matt Javit