SIMPLER Hair Color was born from the frustration of dyeing my own hair and beard. I exercise and eat right to keep my body and mind feeling young and vibrant. But I got grays early, in my twenties. Sometimes I’m proud to rock my grays, but other times I prefer how I look without them. So, I began casually dyeing my hair & beard using the box-dye brands found at stores.

I hated the messy and complicated process of dyeing my hair and beard at home. It was intimidating and felt like I was conducting a science experiment in my bathroom. And, the dyes burned my skin, which made me worry about the long-term effects the ingredients were having on my body. I tried salons, but they took too much time and money, and in some cases, burned my scalp even worse.

So, having started and sold a few companies before, I did what entrepreneurs do. I decided to create a product that solved my own problem. I traveled the world, from Italy to Germany to Japan to Thailand and more, testing different products and speaking to top hair color chemists, all while searching for a gentler formula with safer ingredients, a thicker dye that didn’t drip, and a single product I could use for my hair, beard, and touch-ups, instead of having to buy 3 separate products. It was also important to me that I create a product I could reuse, with each application feeling as fresh, and being as effective, as the first, in a package that was environmentally responsible, and finally, I wanted to make the entire user experience SIMPLER.

After much research, I found a team of formulators with years of experience making tried and trusted hair products, and a track record of creating safer, premium dyes, to create exactly what I’d been looking for. As I talked to men who dyed their hair and beard, and those that hadn’t but were curious, I heard many of the same frustrations and realized I wasn’t alone. I really believed and hoped that our product could help other people as well.

To accomplish this, I also wanted to build a brand committed to treating customers the way I want to be treated. That’s why we offer FREE Shipping and FREE returns, hassle-free. So here you have it, a SAFER and SIMPLER hair & beard dye to help you look your best, without the harm, fuss, and mess.

Happy Coloring,

Snehal Patel Founder, Simpler Hair Color