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How to Select the Proper Color

Natural Black Best for dark-haired, Latin, Asian, Middle Eastern, Black, Native American, or Southern European men. If you have any hints of brown in your hair, go for Brown Black instead.

Brown Black If you have very dark, nearly black hair, Brown Black could be your shade. Look at your hair in the sun; if you see even the slightest bit of brown, this is likely your color.

Dark Brown Light skin and very dark hair? Most caucasian men find this to be the darkest shade that they need.

Medium Brown A natural golden brown mix that isn't too dark.

Light Brown A mix between dark blond and light golden shades of brown.

Blond A mix between a warm blond and an ash blond. We recommend this color if you're looking for a blond shade with warmer undertones. Men with light skin and colored eyes find this shade to be perfect.

Ginger A natural-looking copper red tone. If you're a natural redhead, this is the shade for you. We recommend this color if you have very light or pale skin and for those with Northern or Northwestern European Ancestry, like English, Welsh, Irish, or Scottish descent.

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1 Can = up to 4 boxes of drugstore dyes

1 Can = up to 4 boxes of drugstore dyes (single use)

Each can dispenses enough product (i.e. dye & developer) to fill around 20 comb-brushes and is reusable. This means one can gives you as many uses as up to 4 boxes of drugstore dyes (single use).

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The Easiest Way to Eliminate Gray





Our hypoallergenic 100% vegan formula is made in the USA and uses TDS, which is safer and gentler on your skin compared to PPD, a more aggressive ingredient used in many other dyes. Our innovative can doesn’t need any mixing and our dye doesn’t drip, so no mess. One can gives you as many uses as up to 4 boxes of drugstore dyes (single-use) and can be used and reused for your hair, beard, and touchups. No need for separate products. And, it's 100% recyclable when you're done.

See our full list of Ingredients and important product safety info here.

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